Telegram 创始人 Durov/杜罗夫在他 37 岁生日时分享了 3 件被低估的事情和 7 件被高估的事情。

IT 之家译文

3 件被低估的事情

  1. 睡眠。睡眠能够提高免疫力、创造力以及心理健康。
  2. 大自然。从生物学角度讲,大自然就是为了让你感觉良好的环境。
  3. 孤独。独处能够提供实现心灵、智力突破的自由。

7 件被高估的事情

  1. 大城市。大城市是污染、犯罪和噪音的来源。能够接触它们的资源是件好事,但是明智的做法是生活在它们的边界以外。
  2. 餐馆。餐馆是最慢、最低效的用餐方式。在家做饭能够让饮食更健康,对佐料拥有更多控制权。
  3. 炎热天气。阳光明媚的天气不仅会让人态度松懈,还会增加癌症、加快衰老的风险。相反,更冷的温度能够让精神、身体以及心智变得清醒。
  4. 时尚。一味跟随千变万化的时尚不仅代价昂贵,也没有必要。专注于舒适的衣服会让生活更简单,为重要的事情释放空间。
  5. 房地产。买房常常会限制人的选择,是种有问题的投资。租房则会让人更自由地移动,探索在不同地方生活。
  6. 社交媒体。社交媒体上充斥着的垃圾信息流让我们的思想变得凌乱,降低了我们的幸福感和创造力。不论在哪一天,与这些互联网服务断开联系是我们能做的最好的事情。
  7. 名人建议。知名人物往往会在他们的专业领域之外给出一些无保证的建议。对于生活中的任何重要事情,最好还是依赖硬科学和专家的意见。


🎂 As I am turning 37, I put together a list of 3 undervalued and 7 overvalued things in life.

3️⃣ Undervalued

  1. Sleep. Sleep gives a boost to immunity, creativity and psychological well-being.

  2. Nature. Nature is the environment that we are biologically designed to feel good in.

  3. Solitude. Being alone offers the freedom to make spiritual and intellectual breakthroughs.

7️⃣ Overvalued

  1. Big cities. Big cities are sources of pollution, crime and noise. It's good to have access to their resources, but advisable to live outside their borders.

  2. Restaurants. Restaurants offer the slowest and least efficient way to eat. Cooking at home allows for healthier diets and more control over ingredients.

  3. Hot weather. Sunny weather can bring about not only a lax attitude, but also a risk of cancer and faster aging. Colder temperatures, on the contrary, clarify spirit, body and mind.

  4. Fashion. The endless quest to conform with ever-changing trends is expensive and unnecessary. Focusing on comfortable clothes makes life simpler and frees space for things that matter.

  5. Real estate. Buying real estate often limits one's choices and is a questionable investment. Renting gives more freedom to move and explore different locations.

  6. Social media. The incessant flow of junk cluttering our minds from social media decreases our happiness and creativity. Disconnecting from these internet services is the best thing we can do on any given day.

  7. Celebrity advice. Famous people often give unwarranted advice outside their fields of expertise. For all important things in life, it's best to rely on hard science and expert opinion.